Nils Frommhold German professional triathlete

All my successes have one thing in common: Hard training and no injuries - thanks to my currexSole. My foot is perfectly protected in my cycling and running shoes. And on top it is a great feeling!"

Caroline Steffen Swiss professional triathlete

Injury free workout with currexSole is half of the battle. I can not afford injuries, therefore I run exclusively with the RUNPRO. Whether endurance or speed on the track, yes even go shopping I wear the RUNPRO. The insoles support my foot tailored to me."

Klaus Meierstein Head Physiotherapist 1. FC Cologne

I recommend currexSole ACTIVEPRO for soccer cleat enhancement, to improve the fit, comfort and ultimately, performance for my players."

Verena Walter German professional triathlete

Only few people have the perfect anatomical conditions to practice sport at a high level without injury. In the recent years I also had more and more problems with injuries. With currexSole I can counteract against this and train painless again."

Alice Hector English professional triathlete

Massive thanks currexSole, finally no feet pain and no stopping to remove problem orthotics. Comfy feet = Fast Feet!"

Bill Reichelt Chef Trainer BC Lions (Canadian Football League)

The currexSole ACTIVEPRO insole adds more comfort to our players’ cleats and as a result, we have seen fewer foot problems when moving from grass to turf shoes."

Becky Wade Professional Marathoner

As a professional marathoner, my feet and footstrike are imperative parts of my performance and health. After trying about 5 different orthotics and insoles over the years, I've finally found my match in currexSole. Thanks, currexSole, for helping me take my running to new heights!"

Lisa Ponomar WAT Tennis Player

I realized already early in my professional career that my feet are exposed to enormous loads. Because of this I have tested various insoles and made my own experiences. Finally, I have found the perfekt match in currexSole. Whether tennis, fitness or running, for each activity there is the perfectly matched currexSole insole!"

Aidan Caves Canadian Track & Road Cyclist

Before using currexSole BIKEPRO Insoles I would get hot spots on my feet, sometimes even numb toes, now I can do 6 hour days more comfortably with no foot pain or numbness."

Fabian Günther German triathlete

As an ambitious ages grouper athlete my training starts often after a long and hard day at work. A huge burden for me as well as for my feet. currexSole insoles protect my feet in everyday life and in training, keeping the risk of an injury to a minimum."

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"As a professional marathoner, my feet and footstrike are imperative parts of my performance and health. After trying about 5 different orthotics and insoles over the years, I've finally found my match in currexSole. They're comfortable, light, and the perfect balance between soft yet supportive, and they allow me to run naturally and fluidly. Thanks, currexSole, for helping me take my running to new heights!"
--Becky Wade, professional Marathoner, 2:30:41 Personal Best, 2012 Olympic Trials Steeplechaser--
Becky Wade
I looked into the currexSole RUNPRO LOW profile insoles. I've been having pretty severe knee pain for several months now, and it was almost debilitating. I could not run anymore than 3 miles without coming to tears. I did some research and looked into your products. Seeing as their price was cheaper than buying several new pairs of shoes, I purchased a pair for myself (I have almost zero arch in both feet) and right away I could feel the difference. I ran 5 miles on sidewalk (which always for some reason gave me the most problems) and I ran those miles HARD. Coming back to my house, my feet felt the best they've felt in a very long time, and I was so pleased with your product that I bought another pair of the insoles for my secondary pair of running shoes. Please don't EVER stop making them or I might have to stop running!

Kindest Regards,
CJ Beatty
CJ Beatty
We're loving the currexSole insoles that we've been selling since August 1st. We're selling more than two pair a day and besides socks, the currexSoles are now our best add-on sales item in the store. I have a number of people in our specialorder book wanting a pair as well, so hopefully we can get this repeat order filled as soon as possible. Thank you so much for introducing this product to our store.
J. Ziak / Forerunners
As a professional walking guide I was getting really worried that I was starting to get a pain in my heels every time I did a walk of more than a few miles. Since beginning to use your insoles about 3 weeks ago I have led walks on The White Peak Challenge (25 miles and 1,100 metres of ascent) three times, and the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge (24 miles and 1,500 metres of ascent) as well as a couple of walks in the 10 – 12 mile range; I have therefore walked well over 100 hilly miles in the last 3 weeks and all without the slightest hint of heel pain!

The currexSole insoles were well worth the money!
C. Lee
I've tried every sports insole on the market and this is by far the best. I had a spinal fusion 8 months ago and as part of my recovery I walk 6-7 miles a day so it's important that I protect my back and feet, as I also have very high arches. Unlike gel insoles, the RunPro doesn't collapse as soon as you put some weight on it, but at the same time it isn't too hard and it doesn't dig into the bottom of your feet. This insole offers some serious support, yet has cushioning in all the right places. The RunPro insole isn't as thick as other insoles I've tried so when I throw out the cheap insoles that come in most running shoes, this insole fits into my shoes perfectly without crowding my toes. An added benefit is that my feet don't get as hot with this insole. It's definitely the best. I've ordered several pairs and thrown out all my other sports insoles.
J. Wood
I have Morton's Neuroma in one foot. I'm not sure if you're familiar with that but it is basically nerve pain in my forefoot. I use the currex insole with a metatarsal pad stuck to the bottom of it. I also keep my original shoe insole in the shoe. This is the only combination that has allowed me to keep running without getting a constant nerve clicking pain every step. It's really a miracle that your insoles allow me to keep running and prevent me from surgery. I've tried everything from injections to pads and expensive shoes, etc.
E. Vanderbuild
This past weekend you sold me the RUNPRO insoles at the Pittsburgh Marathon expo, which I'm sure you sold a lot of so I'll include that was the girl with IT band issues running the half marathon. Anyway, you said you'd like to know how it went since I decided to run with the insoles. Well, I'm ecstatic to email you and say that I had absolutely NO IT band pain after running! No knee pain, no hip pain! Just the avg 'hey I just ran 13 miles' pain in my quads. So, needless to say I'm in love with these insoles, and I know I would not have been able to run the entire thing, nor finish it without some tears if I hadn't used them! Thanks so much for all the great salesmanship, and if you ever need client testimonials I'm definitely in!
S. Holtzmann
I am a man 72 years old. I got Diabetes II since 20 years. The doctors told me, that I will lose contact to my toes and fingers and at the end toe by toe need to be removed. During the first ten years I observed exactly what the doctor said and I could not feel my little toes anymore. The skin started to look like leather and big flakes fell off from my feet and toes.
During my life I walked between 5 and 10 kilometres a day, but since the Diabetes I had big difficulties to walk on a straight line; in fact it was more like a drunken person.
When I met Mike from currexSole Asia, he gave me a sample of currexSole that he wanted me to try out, what I promised to do. I'm using the insoles in all my shoes every day and now I'm feeling my toes again during walking. I can walk on a straight line again and my toes look young again. No leather symptom and no flakes.
I have been a University researcher all my life and am used to analyse, trying to find a reason for everything happening to me and in this case there is only one explanation. The currexSole's have helped me restore my toes again.
Prof. Harald Herbertsson
Just a quick email to say thank you for your support last year. I think the currexSoel insoles solved the achilles issues that I was having earlier on in 2011. In November last year I won the Noosa triathlon which was massive for me because it's one of the biggest triathlons in the world and in the 29 year history of the event I was the first local to ever win it. I was wearing the yellow RUNPRO currexSole in my run shoes at Noosa.
Dave Dellow - Pro Triathlete Team TTB
Hi, I won the race last weekend in Heilbronn ... but this was is not the point.

Most amazing is that I didn’t felt any pain in my feet during the run. Was this caused by the blue PROACTIVE insoles that I worn during the run???
If yes or not – whatever. For my foot it was a gorgeous feeling.
- Big help/ support for my feet (also for the healthy one)
- The running shoe fits better to my foot
- No blisters, no skin abrasion
- No slipping inside the shoe, even with wet feet

What more could I say: I’m super HAPPY and will wear the insoles in the future.
I will wear the yellow RUNPRO with the Gel-dots in my training shoes.
Thank you very much till here. I will wear the insoles next Sunday during the 70.3 in Rapperswil. I’ll give you a shout how it was going.

Best regards Caroline
Caroline Steffen
Professional Triathlete
2011 IRONMAN Australia Champion
2010 ITU LC World Champion
2010 2nd IRONMAN World Championship Hawaii

Addendum (
Rapperswil, 05. Juli 2011  –  The swiss Ironman-vice world champion Caroline Steffen made the double: She won the 5. PowerBar Ironman 70.3 Switzerland in Rapperswil-Jona in 4:15:10 the second time and defeted her countrywoman Karin Thürig (4:18;31) and the German Sonja Tajsich on place two and three.
Caroline Steffen - Pro Triathlete Team TBB - 2012 2nd IRONMAN World Championship Hawaii
Very comfortable, great support on long runs!The insoles are helpful by discomfort due to misalignments.
M. Kühl
My pain in heel and achilles tendon reduced significant in this short time. So I can really enjoy running again! Because of the perfect fit and the high side frames I didn´t even rub a blister – as I did with all other insoles before.
C. Valentiny
My name is Scott Ludwig. I started running in the summer of 1978. The last day I didn't run was November 29 of that year. Since that day I've run every day and accumulated 123,000 miles over my almost 12,000 consecutive days of running. However, my body is 32 years older and ain't what it used to be - so I'm always on the lookout for relief. Fortunately I found relief in currexSole Insoles! I started wearing them several months ago and my body feels better than it has in years! There isn't a run that goes by that my feet, legs and most noticeably my knees haven't thanked me for wearing the 'insoles from heaven! Try them for yourself: you'll feel the difference after the first run. For someone who hopes to run for another 32 years...or longer, currexSole Insoles are exactly what I needed. I trust I'll still be wearing them when my 'olometer' hits 200,000 miles!
Scott Ludwig - Ultra distance runner and writer of running books
My name is Eric and I have been using the currexSole insoles for nearly 2 years. I first found out about currexSole in a Taiwan department store (SOGO). At that time I was suffering from minor signs of plantar fasciitis. My left foot was in a lot of pain and I was anxious to find a remedy. After trying the insoles (the blue), my pain lessened and eventually went away! Since then I have probably bought 4-5 pairs of insoles and use them with all of my shoes, whether its for exercise or everyday.
E. Sun
I was just telling my husband last night that I can’t believe I haven’t had any foot pain for a week now. I really never thought an insole would make a difference and put off buying them for months. I have very flat feet and since my last pregnancy I have had pain in the arch of my foot every time I work out, run, jump, etc. It probably doesn’t help that I did martial arts for years and worked out without any arch support, we were barefooted. Anyway, got your insoles a week ago and was saw reduced foot pain on the first full day I wore them. Days later my foot was pain free. AMAZING!
T. Reese
People will tell you that the most important thing for a successful summit is your boots. I disagree, the most important thing is getting a currexSole insole. Nowadays the boots are all the same, same Goretex exterior, same Vibram sole, they even make them so that they "feel" worn in. The difference between being uncomfortable and being comfortable was my currexSole insole. When you're on your feet between 6 and 16 hours a day you want to have the most comfortable boot possible. I urge you to try them, they made the difference for me.
A. Croly
I have been a Ski Instructor for 15 years and undergone three knee operations. I need to keep my knees strong and running is a part of my programme, but last year knee pain forced me to rest up. I have since stopped power walking, mountain biking and now reluctantly stopped skiing full time. Another one of your customers recommended currexSole- I must say that I was sceptical at first, but now I am able to jog again and the knee pain has drastically reduced.
J. Readman
I am writing to tell you how happy I am with your insoles. I have had professionally fitted custom orthotics produced, however I found them to be rigid and intolerable to wear creating additional problems for my feet because they were so uncomfortable. Prior to purchasing currexSoles, I was told that surgery was my only option to eradicate the constant pain I was experiencing. After wearing the insoles for a month to my surprise both my feet and lower back have quit hurting. Your insoles are a God-send.
S. Jarvis
I was about to give up my bike for good because I was having such terrible "Hot Spots" on my feet. The balls of my feet would start burning at about the 10 mile mark into every ride. I have tried various different bike shoes and numerous different cleat positions but the pain was getting worse as I continued to ride. I was talking to a technician at my local bike shop, and he recommended I try currexSole BIKEPRO insoles. He spoke from personal experience about similar problems to me, so I purchased a pair and put them in the same shoes I had worn the week previously when my feet were agony. I have since logged 600 miles with my currexSole insoles and no "Hot Spots" or foot pain of any kind. Thank you currexSole.
A. Mullins
My feet ached so much after 18 holes of golf I wasn't enjoying the game as much as I used to. I read the article in Sports Insight about your insoles and looked you up on the web.
I ordered a pair of EDGEPRO MED immediately. My golf shoes fit like a glove, my narrow heels don't slip about any more and I can feel the support the arch gives.
B. Angold
Finding comfortable tennis shoes has always been an uphill struggle, but after severely spraining an ankle it became near on impossible. My one foot always seemed vulnerable and unsupported no matter how stiff or tight I wore my shoes. currexSole insoles have quite literally changed my life. My yellow insoles provide just the support I need. My confidence has been restored and my shoes now last longer too.
S. Andrews
Having played golf for 20 years I have tried many different styles and brands of shoes and yet always found my feet beginning to both ache and slip around in my shoes on the back nine. Recently a friend suggested trying currexSoles and having tried a pair I can't believe the difference it has made to regular shoes. I now play 18 holes without thinking about my feet which not only makes the game more enjoyable but has helped my scores as well.
D. Hourquebie

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