Most people have never even worn insoles. The megatrend towards health is creating additional sales opportunities for lifestyle products with their roots in sports science − and this offers colossal potential! We're ready to catch the wave, and provide everything you need at the Point Of Sale for an optimal, professional sale.


Certified Measuring Tool – The FOOTDISC®.

Impressively quick analysis: Customers stand on the FOOTDISC, the contact areas change color and there you have it: A rapid, reliable recommendation for a currexSole. No electricity, no biomechanical knowledge – and simple to use in a mobile environment. You’ll find all of the details on foot metrics on our Measure Card. FOOTDISC (Patent no. EP1844709): A smart competitive advantage!

currexSole display & fitting tool

Optimal Sales Support – The Display & Fitting Tool.

Practical and convenient: With the currex Fitting Stool customers can try out currexSoles quickly and easily. Our in-store display presents the articles in an attractive way and generates additional attention.

currex zertifizierter Bewegungsanalytiker

Professional Knowledge Transfer – The currex ACADEMY.

Customers are hungry for genuine professional knowledge! In our Academy, experienced specialists train seminar participants to be Certified Motion Analysts. Training includes practical experience in our Running Lab and sales-relevant information on the latest research in sports science.


An Outstanding Product – currexSoles.

Extra sales arguments: Not only will new customers love our product, renowned consumer juries are already honoring it! We are proud of every award that currexSoles win. And we are particularly delighted that we keep winning in different categories such as Design, Ergonomics, Functionality and Lifestyle.


currexSole Catalog

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currexSole BIKEPRO Catalog

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currexSole Measure Card

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