Customers all over the world are discovering a passion for currexSoles − and a key factor in this is our dealer fans on location. From California to Taiwan, sports-shoe specialists are wild about our product!

Sole 2 Soul store in California

California (USA): These guys love running – and currexSole: Garret and Cody at Sole2Soul recommend us out of conviction.

New Jersey (USA): The Perfect Customer Advice Tool: Michél and Rick at RunningCo, Haddonfield, swear by our FOOTDISC.

Taiwan: Regular customers, perfect advice − and currexSole: Mr Suhumi owns a specialist racing-bike store and knows our product inside out.

Germany: Andi Schneider at Schneider Rad&Sport. Customers really appreciate his new knowledge of motion analysis – as well as the currexSoles he recommends them.

currexSole around the world

currexSole: Powering sales.

Our dealers are every bit as enthusiastic about our product as we are – and for good reason: the currexSole product itself and our targeted sales tools, that include patented measuring instruments, professional sales support and a comprehensive range of training courses.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Sensible product portfolio expansion: Offering a footwear-enhancing product that inspires customers to strive for new frontiers every day
  • Expanding competence in customer advice: Using motion analysis facts as a new support for sales
  • United brand power: currexSole have a high recognition factor – this helps build the regular customer base.