WORKPRO. High-Performance Support.

Your feet and legs are under intense strain at work. Is your regular footwear helping ease the burden? Not much. The consequence can often be long work absences due to back pain. And this is where WORKPRO comes in: Pilot studies have proven that WORKPRO insoles provide relief to the back and that feet and legs don’t tire as quickly. WORKPRO does the job – almost literally!


Multiple profiles for perfect support: Available in three different profile heights.

Outstanding technical features:

1 Deep heel cup

For a better fit inside the shoe.

2 Triple layers for optimum wearing comfort

Fewer blisters thanks to the specially developed mid-layer.

3 3D DAT for natural foot guidance

Semi-dynamic arch technology made from black Nylon 6 composite.

4 Antistatic fore foot pad

Safety and relief for the ball of the foot during long standing periods.

5 Sensitive PORON® cushion   

Noticeable performance cushioning when placing the foot.

  • Weight: 40g (1.41oz) Größe M

Perfect for...

The WORKPRO Sole is perfectly suited for work shoes and boots. Due to safety regulations for work shoes and boots, the WORKPRO protects against electrostatic discharge.

Which currexSole suits my activity?

Three foot profiles – three colors − three currexSoles. Find the perfect solution for you, depending on your footprint!

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